Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Friday, September 8, 2017

David’s Trip to Monterey

David’s Trip to Monterey


On September 3, 2017 our family went to Monterey.  It took us six hours to get there because the traffic was heavy. When we got to our hotel we unloaded and waited for a few hours and then we went swimming. The pool was packed with people. Then when we got back from swimming we went to go eat at Mcdonalds for dinner and we walked there because it was really close to our hotel. When we got there I got apples, milk, a toy, french fries, and a cheese burger for dinner. Then someone came in and said my name and my sister’s name and it turned out  to be my friend from Star Academy. We talked a lot. They went to their hotel. When we got back to our hotel we got ready for bed. In the morning we got ready to go eat breakfast . For breakfast I had eggs, fries, and bacon! Then I got to stay at the hotel room by myself and sometimes I go check on my family and once I came down and  they were gone! Then I went back up to my room and they were waiting for me. When we got in the room we grabbed our things and went to Monterey Bay Aquarium. monterey-bay-aquarium-map.pngP_20170903_141903.jpg
Soon we got there and when we walked there my name was on a street sign! IMG_20170904_151523.jpg
When we got in we went to the touching pool and we touched bat rays. They were soft, slimy, and cool. We walked to a show about the underworld of the ocean. Then I wanted to go back to touch the bat rays again. I got to see octopuses and so many fish like eels, anchovies and they opened their mouths to breathe and eat, tube snouts, and others. Also I saw penguins, a scuba diver, and I got to play with hermit crabs and a snails.

After we saw so many cool creatures we had lunch. When we were finished we went up to the next floor. There I got to go to another touch pool. Finally we went back downstairs and we went home. When we got there we just stayed there watching tv and then we went to eat dinner. We went to a chinese restaurant and I had noodles with meat and vegetables. We got home and went to bed. In the morning we got packed up and went back home and there were no traffic this time and we got home at 1:00 pm. I had a super spectacular time there.


This is a Red Lionfish.
These are anchovies.
These are California morays in a bundle.

I hope you like my blog and the pictures.


  1. Dear David it sounded like you had a great trip. Who was your friend from star? Did you have a good breakfest ? I liked your blog alot. From Cooper

  2. Dear david Your trip sounded so fun! Did you get to touch the fish?I've touched a living fish before.
    Your freind
    JUan Carlos

  3. Dear David, How was your trip? Its so cool because the street name says david! what was your favorite part? maybe some day in the future I might go there to! from Erik,

    1. Dear Erik,
      My trip was amazing going there and I have not been there in five years and its crazy. If i would pick my favorite part it would be seeing all the animals and touching the bat rays and I went to a different place and I feed a bat ray. I did not tell you that after we went to Monterey bay Aquarium we went golfing and got ice cream.

  4. Hi David!its cool you got to go to monterey!i went there over the summer to!who was your friend from Star Academy?what hotel did you stay at?


  5. dear david i like the animals and i like the animals becase that i like animals and i like that you got to show facts about the animals from Marco

  6. WOW! I wish I went there.did you know on the sign says David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your friend Gania

  7. That is...AWESOME!!!!!did you get sick?what was it like in the
    hotel?what toy did you get at mcdonalds?what is your favorite tv
    your friend for a few months in 2nd grade,

  8. Dear David,
    I also went to Mexico. How was it there? It was awesome at Mexico!
    I'll see you at soccer today!

  9. That looks so much fun! I never saw my name on a street sign before.:( The lionfish look cool! From Allyson

  10. Dear Daived,
    I hope you had fun. I hope you had fun

  11. Hi David,
    Hope you had a great time at Monterey. I went there with my grandparents when I was one year old. I plan to go their next summer.


  12. Dear,David it looks like you had a great time in Monterey ecpechially because you stayed there for six hours caringly Dharmi

  13. dear david I saw an octopus to in legoland.what are thos montons and is that a pafer fish.

  14. 9-12-17
    Dear David,
    Your trip to Monterey looks like so much fun. What was your favorite animal at the Monterey Bay Aquarium? I wish I was able to go there. Did you have fun?

  15. dear David
    You got to see pagwins. I have seen a tertol up clos. Ware did you go?

    from Zach

  16. you are so lucky you got to see peiguins what type are they you also lucky you got to touch so much sea animals what was your favrite sea animal was it the peuguins or was it the ray i hope it is peuguins because they are super adoribal. from cedrus

  17. dear david
    Your trip looked very fun with the sea animals and the hotel.Did you see any sharks? It was cool you saw a sigh. with your name on it. I hope you had a fun time there because it looked very fun. what kind of toy did you get. David you are a very good friend to have happy i'm in your class. senserly Jaykob

  18. Dear David ,
    Iv been there too!My favorite marine animal I saw was the penguins. Did you go to the gift shop? Well we did and I got a toy penguin. I like you'r blog!
    From , Mackenzie

  19. dear little boy
    how was your trip?when you saw the fishes what was your reactoin?what was that show called when you were waching that show?I hope you had a great time!
    ps my sister still thinks you 5 i'm sooo sorry!goodbye little boy

  20. dear david, I think it was funneh when a stop sighn said your name david.Your lucky because you got to see peiguins and you also got to touch sea animals that also sounds rad and awsome and lastily cool is your favrite animal a peiguin. from, cedrus

  21. Dear Davy,
    It was fun when we saw each other over there. The whole story started when my mom said that she saw you and my dad drove super quick to get to you at McDonalds. Then my dad told me to get off the car and it did turn out to be you. That was really fun and we saw each other at the Monterey Aquarium. It was very fun to see you over there. Where did you go after we left the Aquarium?
    Yari U U

  22. Hi. I like your picture of the octopus and the Lion fish. It was cool.
    Do you have a dog or a cat? What is your favorite subject in school?

    from LORENZO!


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