Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sebastian Goes to Tahoe!

Hello my name is Sebastian. This is my blog. I want to tell you about the trip we did last year on labour day weekend.

I went to north Lake Tahoe with my family and cousins. We stayed in a cabin in Incline Village. The cabin was awesome. The kitchen, living room and balcony were upstairs and the bedrooms were downstairs.

The first day we went to the lake. The weather was cold and hot at the same time. The beach had huge rocks and in between the rocks we spotted many different sizes crawdads.
Me and my cousin looking for adventure.

The next day we went to  obstacle course up on a mountains in Heavenly. We took gondola to go up to the obstacle course. The gondola had a really cool view of the magnificent Lake Tahoe. The obstacle course had a security lines for keeping us from falling. It was very fun and there were even different STAGES!. At the end there was a zipline. We used special gear to climb. Up on the mountains there were tubing and a roller coaster around the hill with trees and boulders.   
Me on the obstacle course.

We also went to another beach and it had a pool and a playground.
It was the best lake tahoe trip EVER!.

The pool was right next to the lake.