Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Mackenzie's Trip to Minnesota!

Mackenzie’s awesome trip to Minnesota
For thanksgiving our whole family decided to rent a house in Minnesota and everyone in our family will be there! On November 19th we flew there on an airplane. We had a layover in Denver which I wasn't happy about because our first flight took off at 5:00 pm. When we finally landed in Minnesota at midnight, (Minnesota time) we drove to the hotel we stayed at and went to sleep.The next morning I was sooooo excited because my dad said we were going to pick my grandma and then go to the Mall of America!!!!!!!!! My dad ordered a shuttle to get us to the Mall of America.
Me in front of the Mall of America

The driver was nice enough to give us sea life tickets. My favorite part of the Mall of America was the amusement park!

Log Ride at Mall of America Amusement Park w/ Dad and Maddie

The first ride we went on was the log ride witch I think was my favorite. After that we went to sea life. It was soooooooooooooooo cool! We saw all kinds of sea creatures.

Sting Rays at Mall Of America Sea Life Exhibit

After our visit the shuttle picked us up and we went to bed.Tuesday was my favorite day! We got to see bald eagles in the wild! That was on the way to the raptor center in Minnesota.When we finally got to the raptor center I saw a place where they kept live eagles. There were two bald eagles and a golden eagle. We also went to a show where they taught us about raptors. It was so cool seeing the bald eagles. We saw 1 % of all the bald eagles in Minnesota.
Live Bald Eagle who had been rescued and cured of lead poisoning

On Wednesday we checked out of our hotel and we were going to the big house. On our way to the big house, we stopped by our cousins house. They were coming with us! Finally it was time to go to the big house. My dad said there will be lots of family members, and he was right, lots of family members came.
My first Cousin once removed Heather and my Auntie Erynn

The next morning I woke up knowing that today was thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!! We had lots of fun that day. My favorite part was the thanksgiving feast! Everyone at the dinner table eating and talking. After dinner we ate dessert which was ice cream and pumpkin pie. Then it was time to go to sleep. Friday was also awesome,in the night we went to Sky zone. There was a place in Sky zone where you can do obstacles, but they're really hard. On saturday we all checked out of the big house. After that we went to the children’s museum. There is a place in there called The Scramble. Its so fun. You get to climb all over the place!
My little sister Vivienne on the very top of the 3 story Scramble!

After the visit to the children’s museum we went to my great aunt and uncle's house. We talked and then went to bed. The next day we went to the Minnesota Zoo! Lot’s of the birds were in for the winter, but the aviary had birds in it like Summer Tanagers and White-Eyed Vireos. After that we went back to Chris and Anders house to have a birthday party for me. It wasn't really my birthday, but it was coming up. Someone brought their pet African Grey Parrot to my party!
On Monday we went to Robert’s Bird Sanctuary. My dad spotted a sharp- shinned hawk on a tree. We watched it for a while, then it flew away. We also took a trail down to the Mississippi river.
Me and My sister standing where the Minnehaha Creek meets the Mississippi River

There was not much action at the river so we headed back. On the way back from the river it was bird heaven, birds in every bush! I was so happy that night. Tuesday was the day that we flew back to california. But first we went to The State of MN Natural Wildlife Refuge. The inside part was closed, but the trails were open. On the trail we saw lots of birds, but no bald eagles. After that we headed to the airport. We had three hours till we took off. After both flights we went to our house to go to sleep.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Zachary's Blog!!

Zach’s blog
Hi my name is Zachary, I like to play sports. Like hockey, soccer, and table tennis (ping pong). I have two noisy birds named Angelica and Eliza. I have two dogs I like to play with and their names are Sophia and Simone.I also have two annoying siblings.
I have been to Florida and have gone to the wizarding world of Harry Potter and Disney world. At the wizarding world of Harry Potter:
The butterbeer  IS SO GOOD!!!!  The knockturn alley is so cool!!!!

I have gone to hawaii for a MONTH!!!! It was so cool. I got to touch a real sea turtle, I got to see a parrot fish pooping out sand!!! It was hilarious. We tried to catch geckos.
We built sand castles.
We went into a lava tube.
After we went to the big island we went to aulani. It had a giant waterslide.
There at hawaii we stayed at a small home nearer the beach with a church beside it.
We saw a golfing place by the side of the ocean. The beach is fun and sometimes there is a sea turtle and fish and sometimes seahorses.
There is a big wave beach we like to boogie board and one time when i was boogie boarding on a wave it flipped me over and i was still was on the wave it was incredible!!! And i did the same thing just i went under the water!!!
I had a wonderful time i hope i get to go there again.

Monday, November 13, 2017


Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Abby, and this is me and my family: Michael, Summer, and big sister Emma, and don’t forget me, I am going to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo.

We went in September. We had to drive in the car for 45 MINUTES AND THAT’S ALMOST AN HOUR!!! I ate Tic-Tacs and we had Chick-Fil-A and Starbucks along the way. The last time we went to the beach we saw Six Flags on the way there! :) Here is Foghorn Leghorn, a Looney Toons character!


Six Flags was all decorated for Halloween. When me and my family were walking then… FLASH WENT A LOUD NOISE! Me and my sister turned around and we got scared so much from the big flame coming from the bloody-looking fountain!
Here we got to see a dolphin show. It was so cool! Here are some pictures of it.

They eat fish!
I also went to the butterfly exhibit. It was so cool. It was so beautiful!
It also reminded me about in 2nd grade we did the life cycle play!

I saw blue ones and a black ones and orange ones, called Monarchs.

Did you know butterflies eat banana nectar? Neither did I!

I got to see snakes. I saw this kind of snake, a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake.
I saw a giraffe. It looks like it is doing the splits! Kind of funny! :)
And I saw a lion. Its mane is like a rock-n-roll hair!
And I got to see a neat kind of fish, it is called koi. Pretty easy to spell!

We are going to Six Flags again after Thanksgiving to see the Christmas LIGHTS! I can’t wait!

I hoped you enjoyed my blog about Six Flags! BYE!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Jaykob’s life

Jaykob’s life

My name is Jaykob I am currently 8 years old. I do a fighting class called Muay Thai on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We sometimes do dodgeball after class. In Muay Thai, we sometimes learn to teep, use elbows, kick, punch and use our knees. There are a lot of different combinations.
Try and find me…

My favorite holiday is Christmas because it reminds me that my birthday is a month after. This year I will have a party but I do not know what theme it will be.

When I get home from school sometimes I get on my PS4. I mostly play Minecraft and Gw2 it is a plants vs zombies game. I also talk to Juan Carlos on the PS4 and to his brother. Me and my dad also use the play PS4 together

Some of my favorite foods are pepperoni pizza, seafood, pancakes and waffles, chinese food, Thai food (chicken pad thai, jelly noodles with chicken and veggies, and fresh rolls), flan, posole (a mexican soup), tostadas, Mexican breakfast burritos (eggs, potatoes, and chorizo). My family loves lots of different foods.

I have a sister, dad, mom, aunt and two dogs. I named one of my dogs and my aunt named the other. My first dog is Bowser and my second is Peach. We named them that because my family really likes mario and luigi.

My sister’s name is Jacynda. Red is my sister’s favorite color. My sister is in her first year of high school. My family is very close. With my Nana and my other aunt and my two cousins Anthony and Christian,we are always spending time together. We are all planning on going on a cruise this spring. It will be fun.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Jazzlyn's Pets!

Hi my name is Jazzlyn and I am going to write about my pets. First I’m going to tell you about my cat, Smores. She’s the grey one that is not under the table. S'mores is 5 years old and she likes to be outside and when she comes inside she likes to be under a mirror that my mom has in her room. She fights with the dog a lot. Whenever he gets near her she tries to smack him.

Next I want to tell you about our Bearded Dragon. It is a type of lizard. It lives in a large tank on sand and he likes to sit on a large piece of wood. My brother named him Shadow. He eats worms, shredded carrots and kale.
Shadow The Bearded Dragon.jpg

My dog’s name is Titan. He likes to play, but he also jumps a lot. Whenever I’m eating breakfast he always begs for my food. He likes to have his back scratched and he is really cute. He tries to sniff the cats, but the cats are mean to him and he gets a little too playful around them.

Some people think that rats are gross, but I think when they’re babies they are the cutest with their fur. The white rat is named Curse and the black rat is named Baby Blue. He is named after his mom because he looks just like her. Our rats like to play at night time, they climb and run in their wheel.
Baby Blue and Curse.jpg

My other cat’s name is Bella. She likes to sit in our hallway and she loves to be pet on her head. When my brother whistles for her she goes to him like a dog. She’s playful, but sometimes she is lazy.

Finally, I will tell you about my 2 fish. The golden one is named Goldy and the other one doesn’t have a name. I don’t know what to name it, but you guys can give me fish names. I might pick one. They like to swim in circles. During the day we turn on their light and feed them. To let everyone know they’ve been fed at night, we turn off the light.

Thanks for reading my blog about my pets.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Erik’s Trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Erik’s Trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!
 Hi, everybody, my name is Erik, and I am in 3rd grade. I will be talking about my trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I had a really fun and amazing time! It was also my first time flying on an airplane! The pilot said that we were 16,000 ft above the ground! That's really high! If you don't know what turbulence is, it is when the wind pushes on the plane that causes it to shake. We only experienced a little turbulence during our flight. I was also looking forward to our Riu Vallarta Resort until finally, we got there.
I really liked the whole entire place, but we had a hard time speaking in Spanish. Also, we saw 3 iguanas, they looked scary, but they were actually pretty friendly. And we had different parties at the resort. First, we had a foam party, they used a large cannon and shot foam everywhere in the pool, and passed out balloons. Then there was a tropical party with  dancing and music and a lot of fun. There was a lot of different activities from morning till night time.
Also we ate a lot of yummy food at different restaurants and spent many hours swimming in the pool or playing with the sand on the beach. On the way back our first flight was delayed and we ended up missing our next flight. But it was ok, because we spent a night in Salt lake city in Utah, which was pretty cool. I can’t wait to go to Mexico again, because this vacation was the best I ever had.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Cedrus's Blog

       Cedrus´s blog

             Hi my name is Cedrus, And I will be telling about my summer vacation. I got to go to my friends’  house. There was a special thing at their house.  Their garage was a playroom  And my friends’ names are Albert and Lillian, and I got to play in the house.  It was super fun.  I also got to go a party at there house it  was super fun they had a pool and jacuzzi. Albert is actually goes to our school in kindergarten.  I never see him because he is in a really low grade.  But ,I  don’t really care about it.The most important thing I care about is having fun with friendship.  This was the best memory to me.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Noah’s Summer ☀️Vacation in Cancun, Mexico⛱

Noah’s Summer ☀️Vacation in Cancun, Mexico⛱

Over the summer, my family and I took a week’s vacation in Cancun, Mexico.  It was my best vacation ever! I’ve never flown on an airplane before so I was very excited because I got to go on 5 different flights, all in one trip! ✈️☀️

We stayed at a resort, which was amazing!  There were lots of fun activities to choose from.  They have different playrooms with video games, bumper cars, arcade and many more.   We spent a lot of time swimming and the best part is that I got to try the flow rider!!! I also met so many new friends from different parts of the world, including England and Colombia.
E:\pICTURES\flowrider 2.jpg
E:\pICTURES\FullSizeRender (1).jpg
E:\pICTURES\flowrider 1.jpg


Tulum, Mexico
While we were there, we also took a tour of Tulum. It’s about an hour shuttle ride from our resort in Cancun, and about a 30-minute hike from the parking lot to the Mayan ruin sites. I didn’t enjoy the walk as much because it was very hot, but it was worth it because I got to feed iguanas with hibiscus flowers!



Playa del Carmen, Mexico

We also spent a day in Playa del Carmen.   We ate, swam, and hung out at Plyacar Palace.  It rained a bit while we were there but we didn’t mind.  My new friends and I still enjoyed a volleyball game at the pool. Then, after swimming, we walked around Quinta Avenida and bought souvenirs.  



We ate, and ate, and ate some more!!!

There were so many restaurants to choose from. My favorite was the crepe station!  It’s all you can eat crepes (Nutella was my favorite), at any time. It was also cool that I can order room service whenever I want.


Fun shows!
We also enjoyed a variety of shows, including fire dance & magic shows. I can’t wait to go on another vacation with my family!

E:\pICTURES\fire show.jpg