Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Meet Sweet Kobe!

Kobe´s Blog
Hi my name is kobe my favorite thing to do with my family is to play group games. We like to play basketball, football, and soccer. I am 8 and my birthday is on May 8, 2007. I have a little sister named kara she is shy and 5 years old she likes to play Minecraft and me and kara like to play but we always fight when we are in each other's world. I like games with weapons and blocks.
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I Have a lot of friends my friends in this school are nice and here are some of there names Leonardo, Elliott, Eric, and Keyion. I like my 3rd grade teacher Ms. Steinlein because she is so nice I like to be near her at all times. I can have any games I like because I have an app store account. And here is a picture of me and Kara.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Snow and Sun by Olivia

Snow & Sun
Every summer I go to Lake Tahoe and go to the beach. I stay at my grandpa’s place. It is a two hour drive from Sacramento. This year was special because we went over Spring Break and I played in the snow and went to the beach both on the same weekend.  On April Fools Day, we went to the snow where I made snow angels, went sledding and made a snowman with my family. My favorite part was sledding down the hill with my mom. The next day we walked to the beach and the water was so low that I was able to walk into the lake on the rocks. I really enjoyed seeing the tadpoles swimming in the low water, hiding behind the rocks with the algae. I hope the lake fills up with more water from the snow melt so there will be enough water for me to go swimming in it over the 4th of July.  This was my second trip to the snow but the first time where the weather was nice enough to play in the snow and at the beach in one weekend.  

Monday, April 25, 2016

Josh's TRUE blog story

True Story

Trevor And Josh’s Adventure

Chapter 1
Hello! We are going to tell you a very crazy story about two very good friends that had a very crazy day. Once upon a time there were two boys and their names were Trevor and Josh. One day Trevor and Josh were playing around outside and then Trevor had a great idea, ¨How about we go on an adventure on bikes¨.” “Yeah!!! Let's do it!”, Josh said. “We should race”, said Trevor. “Yeah, let’s race! READY, SET, GO!!!”
Chapter 2
Trevor springs ahead. Trevor is already taking the lead. Josh is trying to take the lead. “Wait Stop!” Trevor yelled. Trevor and Josh stood in front of a tall metal gate. “Wow! How can we get into this.“ Trevor said. Oh, there’s no code”, said Josh. So they started to push open the gate and walked in.
Chapter 3
“Do you feel sprinkles of water?” asked Josh “Yeah I do.”, said Trevor. “Oh no it’s starting to rain” Josh said worriedly. “Nah it will be fine”. Trevor exclaimed. So they looked ahead and saw a long field of grass that led to a dog walking street. “Come on let’s go!” yelled Trevor. And they rode their bikes till they got to the street.

Chapter 4
When they got to the street it was really long. The rain was turning into a storm.  “Now. I told you it was an adventure.” Trevor said. “You were right, Let’s keep going¨, Josh said. When they got half way through the trail they saw this tree with grapefruits. “Well it looks pretty tasty maybe we should go pick it”. “Well it does look pretty tasty right” “Yeah I guess so”, “C’mon” Said Josh Ok let’s go.”
Chapter 5
Trevor and Josh sprinted across the drenched grass. As they sprinted they realized that they were in a huge storm. When they got to the bush they pulled the grapefruit as hard as they could. After they got it.  KA BAM! The grapefruit ripped right off of the tree. ”Come on!” they  both screamed, “We need to get home before the storm gets worse.” Then they got back to their bikes. Trevor took off. Then Josh yelled, “Wait up!”and Josh sprinted up to Trevor. Trevor stopped instantly. “What is it”? asked Trevor. “The bike broke!!!!” said Josh. WHAT!!!” “REALLY!?!’ Trevor asked. “That’s my brothers bike.’ “He’s gonna be so mad.” “Oh no this is bad.” said Trevor. “I’m going to try to fix it.” said Josh. “UHHH!” “The chain got locked out of place so the wheel won’t move me forward.” “What do we do now?!” said Trevor. “I guess we’ll just have to run.” Trevor and Josh were soaked. The rain was getting worse and worse by every second. “Come on!!!”
“We have to go!!!“ Ok let’s go. Said Trevor. “Wait there’s a tall gate over there do you want to climb over!?” Trevor said. “Uhhhh.” “Take the risk or take longer?” Let’s risk it. Said Josh. “Ok how do we get over this?” Said Trevor. “I have no idea.” “What!?” “I thought you did!” “Wait wait wait  I have an idea.”
Chapter 6
“We can just do it the regular way.” Said Josh.
“Ok but I don’t know how so you will have to do it.” Said Trevor. “I can try.” Said Josh. “Ok.” “UHH!” “It’s too slippery!” “Wait I got a good idea.”, said Josh, “I can try to get up by you keeping the bike stabilized and I will get up using the bike’s support.” Said Josh Ok. “I’m getting there!” Said Josh. “Now just jump.” Said Trevor. Ok. Then Josh jumped and opened the door from the other end and let Trevor in. Ok we have to run! Then we heard another voice, “Hey Trevor! Josh! Run to the house!” “Who was that?” Josh asked.  “My mom, she’s in the car.” “Oh ok.”, said Josh, “I didn’t see her. Let’s go to the movies.!”
That was the story of Trevors and Josh’s crazy adventure.