Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bodie's Minecraft World

Bodie`s Best Minecraft World.

Today i'll be blogging about one of my best Minecraft worlds. It is it's huge city i'm building called, Minecraftdia, it’s a work in progress world. The only bad thing is Creepers, Endermen and Zombies. Why only them you might ask because creepers damage terrain, endermen take blocks and Zombies break doors. The people will be players and NPC’s the thing I built so far is a Starbucks and about a hundred roads. And that is my city so far!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

3rd Grade Update!

Claire's pets!

My 13 Pets
By: Claire Clinton
Black Cat, Cats, Portrait Of
Cat, Cat Nose, Feline, Kitten,


I have a 6 Cats, 1 Dog, 1 Fish, 3 Birds, 1 Rooster, and 1 Chicken. My Cat’s names are Fluffy, Finnegan, Fiona, Rose, Leim, and Mamma. Mamma, Leim, Rose and Fluffy live outside but Finn and Fiona are outdoors and indoors.  Riley is my Dog he lives inside. My Fish's name is Bella. My Bird’s names are Jasmine, Daisy, and Robin Hood.( because he is a Robin ) Dave is my roosters name. Lizzi is my chickens name. I have a few outdoor cats they they stay outside (including the six cats). I have a big house so it is easy to take care of them. That is my blog I hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Meet Zeus!

By Trevor

I got Zeus in July and his birthday is the fourth of July and he is only one year old. SOME OF ZEUS’S HOBBYS:to play fetch,to be loved,to sleep on you. Zeus likes to LICK YOUR HAND!!!! He will lick your hand forever if you let him. At his birthday my family gives him ice cream for dogs with a baked biscuit hanging out of the doggie ice cream. If you call him any name he will come right where you want him to go.  Whenever you put lotion on he will come over and lick the lotion off of you. He is a labrador but his attitude is different from a lab. He has a coat of yellow fur.