Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Meet Cookie!

Cookie The Kitten!
By: Ashlyn

This is my kitten Cookie.
She is 2 months in this pic. Now she is 11 months.
We got her at Petsmart. This is the story…

Me and my mom were going to get dog food and we didn't know it was pet adoption day. We were looking at the cats and dogs, taking pics and sending them to my dad and he was joking and said "let's get one". We did not know he was joking. So my mom said, "Well he didn’t say no." So we adopted her. We named her Cookie because she looked like an oreo cookie.

Cookie in Petsmart
Cookie today

I love her so much!

I hope you like my blog.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sophia Meets Penny

How I got Penny
By: Phia
This is a story about a dog you have seen. A dog you have heard. A dog you know. Penny is the best dog ever and this is how I got her: Wednesday, December 16, I was coming home from the orthodontist, and I heard a pitter patter pitter patter on the floor. Since my parents were talking about getting a dog, I asked "Did we get a dog..?" and sure enough, Penny (Who was at the time, Queen Elsa) came running up to me and she jumped up on me and knocked me over! After that, she knocked Allyson over! It was so funny. Then my dad came in the room and said "She loves you! She can tell your an animal lover." Oh yeah, and my dad wanted to call Penny, Marica. Isn't that weird!? I know. Me, my mom, and Allyson wanted to call her Penny because she had copper fur, like a penny, golden eyes, and was beautiful. Also, my dad got her at the SPCA. I hope you liked my blog, after you comment, go play prodigy!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Colin Goes to the Big City!

Colin’s Trip to San Francisco
My family and I went to San Francisco. The first thing we did was go to the Exploratorium. We did a lot of fun and cool things there.  My favorite exhibit was the parabolic mirror. It made things upside down and 3D.
Then we got to eat at the Exploratorium and I had noodles. Then we left to go to Pier 39.  It was raining all day but we walked around anyway. We went to the magic shop and I got a magic trick. It’s called the wonder deck.  
We also were trying to find a stuff animal for my sister but we got her cotton candy instead. We went to look at the sea lions. We also tried to look at Alcatraz but the telescope would not work.

We went to eat dinner after that at Bubba Gumps.  My favorite food to eat there is shrimp mac and cheese. After dinner, it was time we went home. We wanted to do more things but it was raining too much. I hoped you liked my blog!

P.S My sister and I ate the cotton candy in the car on the way home.

This is the Bay Bridge on our way to San Francisco.

This is me waiting in line at the Exploratorium.
My dad, my little sister and I are playing with the Ball Launcher.
This is the Bay Bridge on our way home.