Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sophia goes to Disneyland!

My Trip To Disneyland
By: Sophia E.

This fall break I went to Los Angeles. I visited with my Great Grandma, Great Uncles, Great Aunts, and lots of my cousins.
Great Grandma Helen 
I went to Disneyland. Disneyland was having their Halloween party. I got to wear my costume and go trick-or-treating in Disneyland. I rode a lot of rides. There were some rides that I went on for the first time. In Disneyland the ride that I went on for the first time was Space Mountain. My dad and I made droids in Disneyland. My dad named his MX-CO, and I named mine GREEN REBEL.

At California Adventure the rides that I went on for the first were The Tower of Terror and Radiator Springs Racers. We walked 9 miles on the day we were at California Adventure and we were there for 10 hours.

I went swimming every day at the hotel we stayed that was not far from Disneyland and California Adventure.

On the way home from Los Angeles we stopped at a restaurant called The Anderson’s Split Pea Soup. Half of it is a restaurant and the other half is a gift\souvenir shop. Some of it was a bakery too.

That’s my trip to Los Angeles.

Academic Update: December 11, 2015

Monday, December 7, 2015

Irie has a Minecraft Birthday Party

Irie has a Minecraft Birthday Party
minecraft unicorn by
This year my birthday party will be Minecraft theme. We are going to have a scavenger hunt, a selfie with Steve station, and pin the tail on the cat. We will have food, brewing stand, cake. It will be a lot of fun.
Steve, floating | by Janus

I like Minecraft because there are really cool things in it and I like all the animals.
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