Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Diego sees the world....DISNEY WORLD!

Diego’s Fall Break Trip

Hello my name is Diego and I am going to blog about my trip to Disney world. It all started on Thursday when my parents told us we were going to the San Diego Zoo. Then I realized we were in Reno and taking the plane that landed us in Denver. We then took our next plane to Florida. When we landed, there were a lot of cool stores like Seaworld, Harry Potter, and a NASA space store. Next we headed to the luggage. There were a lot of people waiting. Then we carried are luggage to a man that wanted us to show our magic bands.  We passed by the man and my mom asked him where we were. I said San Diego, but my mom surprised me and said we were in Florida at DISNEY WORLD. I was so excited and then we went to The Disney Express bus. It took us to the Mighty Ducks hotel. (we were staying for 8 days.) 

The next morning we went to Magic Kingdom. They have a brand new ride there it is called, The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. After the ride we went to go get lunch. Then that night we went to a souvenir store. I didn’t get anything :( but my brother Alex got an autograph book. The next day we went to Epcot. It had the best rides ever. My favorite ride was Figment. It is about a purple dragon named Figment and a scientist that travel into your imagination and talk about the five senses. The last part was fun because we went around in a circle  to each country. 

The next day we took the bus to Hollywood Studios. We missed breakfast and we ate at Starbucks there. Our first ride was the great movie ride. It is about a guide who takes you into the movies and you go through a scene from a movie. For example:  The Wizard of Oz, you go into a room and it shows a part of that movie. My favorite ride was the ROCK AND ROLLER COASTER. It has two flips! That was an epic day. The last day was Animal Kingdom, first we went to Dinoland and went on a ride called DINOSAUR. It’s about going into a time machine car and try to find the Iguanodon (dinosaur). My favorite ride was Expedition Mount Everest. It’s about going on a train that goes into Mount Everest and you stop when you get up there because the Yeti broke the tracks! Then you go backwards and go outside then inside and see the story of how it happened. He went to the top and ripped the tracks! Then you go down and when the ride is about to end, he sticks out his hand and tries to get you.
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Monday, November 9, 2015

Luke goes to Maui!

Hello! I'm  Luke and I want to talk about my Fall Break vacation, I hope you like it.  
My family and I go to Maui every year but this was one of my favorite times. I left my house with my family and we went to the airport. Then we went on the plane. It was a long plane ride. After the flight we had to walk in the Maui airport for a long time. Finally, my family and I made it to the hotel and my mom said I could go to the pool. I swam a lot and I relaxed. I had fun but the day was over after dinner.  I didn't know yet that I was going to make a friend the next day. 

The next morning I ate breakfast and went to the beach. Then my mom saw a boy about my age and she introduced him to me. I thought to myself, "Wait a minute, I saw this boy yesterday!" His name was Jordan and we played at the beach together. After that we went to the pool. We played on big blow up flamingos and swans.  We ended up being good friends and playing every day until he had to leave.

After Jordan left I was sad but the next day I made 2 other friends.  Their names were Nick and Brady. They were brothers and were from Colorado.  We had so much fun! We learned to scuba dive together.  Also we got to swim with Sea Doo jets that went super fast. 

The next day I went snorkeling with my mom and dad.  It was rough so there wasn't a lot to see.  But we did see some colorful fish and pretty cool coral.

I had so much fun the time went by super quickly.  I will never forget that time in Maui!!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Maya celebrates Dia De Los Muertos

The Day of the Dead     
The day of the dead is a holiday that the people of Mexico celebrate to honor their friends or ancestors who have died. The Day of the Dead is  celebrated on November one  & November second. They celebrate by making sugar skulls, and a special bread called “Bread of the Dead”, some people might also dress up like skeletons. They also make offerings
Here below  is a image of a offering.
They put pictures of the ones who died and put stuff of what they liked on the table like day of the dead bread or flowers, but not any kind of flowers, they use the orange colored ones.
The day of the dead is celebrated in public places or private places it is often in homes or graveyards. In graveyards people clean the graves of their loved ones which they decorate with flowers, photos, candles, food and drinks. Musicians are hired to play music around the graveyard. I like to eat sugar skulls. Here is an image of a sugar skull.

The meaning of sugar skulls was that they would put the name of the person who died with frosting and put it on the person’s altar. They would make beautiful and colorful  patterns on them. Some would even make sugar coffins. Here is a image of a sugar coffin.

People also like making little cute Day of the Dead cookies they use the cookie cutter of a gingerbread boy to make the outline of the skeleton then they decorate it and it’s done!

Image result for day of the dead

People love making art out of the day of the dead like making pictures and also might buy skeletons here below are the images.

Image result for day of the dead figure skeleton cat

Here is a video of The Day of the Dead.

I love celebrating the day of dead 
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