Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Eric's Unforgettable Vacation

An Unforgettable Vacation!!!
By: Eric
During last summer my family and I went to Dominican Republic. We had a lot of adventurous fun.
We spent a lot of time on the beach and pool. Even though I don’t like salt water it was very clean and warm so I decided to swim in it.
In this other picture my sister didn’t want to jump inside the pool because she was worried her hair would get wet. So my dad had to pull her into the pool.

My parents planned a surprise for us! As we went inside the bus I asked my dad,”Where are we going?” He didn’t say anything. The bus stopped I saw the big sign that said “Petting Zoo”. My sister and I got very excited and we ran through the enormous doors. Finally my parents said,”You are going to swim with dolphins!” My sister started to scream because she was so excited!
We changed and sprinted to the pool where the dolphins swam. They made us put on yellow life jackets. We were too excited so after they went over the rules we got in the pool as quickly as we could. There were three dolphins two adults and one baby. As one of them swam by I felt it’s soft,silky,smooth skin. It felt like a smooth stone. The two adults jumped over our heads! They kissed my face and I got to hold on to their fins and lay on it’s stomach then they swam through the pool very fast. The little one didn’t know as much as the adults did so he just swam under and next to us. After that we went and got to pet animals.
In this picture I went inside a fake dessert or the place where they keep their iguanas. This was one of the biggest iguanas they had. We also got to feed spider monkeys. We gave them sunflower seeds. Another surprise that our parents planned for us was to go snorkeling! We got to wear red life vests this time.
I saw a blue and yellow tang fish, clown fish, and black  fish. My sister and I tried to catch one but they were too fast. When we were going back our guide let me drive a little bit.
Almost every night we went to a fancy restaurant.
We also spent a lot of time at the club house.
I got to zip line five times it was so much fun!!!
There were many interesting objects like this statue there were many of them around our resort.
My sister and I also got temporary tattoos mine was a anchor and my sisters was a music key with notes around it because she loves music.
This was an unforgettable vacation I will always remember swimming with the dolphins,snorkeling,and the beautiful,clear,warm water of the Atlantic ocean.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Kyler goes to Mammoth Lakes...and sees Bodie!

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I am going to talk about my trip to Mammoth Lakes, California.

My family and I with some friends drove 5 hours to get there. We have to pass through a lot of mountains, and when we finally got there, we were 11,000 feet above.

We stayed at the Village lodge; there was swimming pool, a table tennis and a large Jenga to play with.  

Me and my sister bungee jumped on a trampoline, I did a few flips.
We also did the wall rock climbing, I reached the top 3 times and I rang the cowbell every time I reached the top
I also did zip lining; it was my first time to do it. It was super fun!
We also drove around the area. We went to Mono Lake to see the Tufa Towers; these are soft limestone rock formations scattered around the lake.
We hiked around the Devils Post Pile Monument where we saw hexagonal columns 60 feet high that was formed from a volcanic eruption long time ago.

We also went to Hot Creek to see the fumaroles or steam vents that are super hot; you don’t want to touch it!  
And lastly, we went to Bodie Ghost Town.  It is a deserted town. Back then in the 1800’s, Bodie town was known for being violent and lawless. There were a lot of killings, and it only takes $5 to bail out of jail then. It is believed that if you took anything from Bodie, you will be cursed!

And that was my awesome time at Mammoth Lakes! I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.