Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Last Blogger: BBoy MadMatt

Hi!  My name is Matthew and I have two brothers.  My oldest brother is named Angelo, he is a Sophomore and sings with PFAA's Vocal Ensemble. My younger brother's name Lucas who is in kindergarten at Star Academy with me.  

Our family owns four bearded dragons and one chameleon.
Here is Emmit (left) and Felicia (right). Emmit is my favorite!!

This is Bella.

Here is Logan.

Our chameleon's name is Randal.

As a family we like to take mini-vacations.  We usually go to tahoe for the snow, SF, and Disneyland.
I am excited to go to Hawaii this coming September!

My favorite thing to do is dance.  I love to break dance.  I attend dance battles and  competitions on my free time.  I am known as BBoy MadMatt!!  My team is called the Groovebots.
Here are pictures from a showcase that my team performed at called SF Hip Hop International.
Here is my team performing at last years state fair.
I loved performing for PFAA's The Passage!  So much fun!

Thanks for reading my blog. Hope you enjoyed it!