Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blogger of the Week: Meghana

Hello everyone my name is Meghana! I am going to share couple of my favorite things in my blog.
My favorite thing to do at home is play Pokemon! I like to play Pokemon because there are different types of characters and cards! You can also battle with the cards to beat other people, but you have to have good cards! I have 7 or 8 exes! 

 My favorite Pokemon is Flygon because he is cute and awesome! It lives in desert. Flygon is light green with large wings. It has toeless legs and skinny arms. Flygon tail has dark green stripes and red color at the end. It has large eyes and eyes have red covers protect from desert sand. Its wings make singing sound that’s why it’s called the desert spirit. 
Another thing I want share that I love puppies. Puppies are really cute pets. If you want a puppy you have to know how to take care of it first. I am learning how to do it. They need lot of attention, love and care. They need food, bath, exercise, groom and walking.  I like puppies because they are so cuddly and they come in different types and sizes and you can pick which one you want! Puppies are so cute and adorable. Puppies can eat dog food like all normal dogs do! Some puppies love to play they are very active and they love meeting new people. To train dogs you have to show them respect like not being mean, be calm when around dogs and do not hit them! It's easy to train dogs but you need lot of patience and time.

When I went to India, I played with dog named fluffy. When I first met fluffy he was running all over the place but now he is a big doggie!
If I get a puppy I name it Bella or Kiki. It is going to be a Yorkie mix!  They are really tiny and cute. I am getting my puppy at the shelter but first I have to look at the one that's a Yorkie mix.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading my blog bye!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Blogger of the week: Audrey

Hi. My name is Audrey. I want to be an author and a scientist. I’m obsessed with Harry Potter and the Ascendance Trilogy. My favorite shows are Gumball, Clarence, and Spongebob. One of my favorite things to do is write. I love pokemon. My favorites are Chespin, Charmander, Phsyduck, Minun,Whimsicott, and Plusle.
The picture above represents me and my older brother.
very-cute-yorkshire-terrier-available-216-370-7422_1.jpgOk, enough talk about me.
Let’s talk about my family. I have 2 brothers (my little brother is Coops, and my older one is Xander.) My mom works at a bakery and my dad’s a teacher at P.F.A.A. I have a dog named Kiki. She’s very friendly and loves everyone.  She likes playing with other dogs, licking people, and playing.Kiki is a big Seahawks fan.

Here’s a list of Kiki’s buddies:
  • Berny (my grampa’s dog)
  • Every person
  • Her siblings

That’s a picture of me and Kiki.
Her birthday is May 10,2013.
Hope you liked my blog!


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Blogger of the Week: Showmen

Hi guys my name is Showmen and here I will be telling you all about me! I am going to become 9 years old. I have 1 older brother called Sowrov and have one mom and dad. My mom’s name is Rumi and my dad’s name is Sujan.
So let me tell you about me. I like the colors black, silver, and gold. My favorite sport is tennis and football. My favorite movie is the Dark Knight Rises. My favorite show is Teen Titans GO! I have a brother that can be mean but really nice too.  I sometimes like him and sometimes not, but that’s normal. What I like about my brother that he can be helpful sometimes.
On my winter break I went to vacation. I went to 2 museums and 1 university. The museums were the Intel Museum and the Tech Museum and the university was Berkeley. The museums had interesting facts and Berkeley had a really big campus.

I even went to a Aerospace Museum of California. It had planes that you could go in and some you can’t. There was some activities you can do. We could’ve learned to learn how to fly one but we didn’t have time.

Hope you enjoyed listening about me! Goodbye!