Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blogger of the Week: Ava

Hi, my name is Ava. I am 8 years old and about to turn 9 on December 17. I have a little brother named William and a cousin Jennifer which I call my sister.
I call her my sister because before my mom had William me and her were both the only child so we were hanging out with each other a lot so that’s why we both call each other sisters.

Every year me and my dad always buy a gingerbread set and make gingerbread houses. This year instead of houses we are making santa’s slay and his reindeer.

Last Sunday my family went shopping for christmas decorations. My dad loves getting in christmas spirit. After we got all of the decorations my dad got right to work. Look how it turned out.
Now let’s go back to me. I love the color blue no matter what. Any type dark, light , or even navy. I also love my brother but sometimes I don’t even want to think about him. On the bright side he can be funny a copy catter or even a dancer for the ladies.
As you can see, I have a crazy family but I am proud of it and even if they make me laugh I’m still proud of my adorable and crazy life.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Little Candy: Narrative Writing

The Little Candy
By: Britney B. 

Once upon a time, there was a little candy named Ponelipe. She was a cute, small, and sweet. Her friends, Candelo and Cotteny, loved her. Most candies in the land don’t like them, but they don’t get upset. They have sleepovers, playdates, and dinner together. 

In one month, a new candy friend came to town. Her name was Nola Rancher. She is the sister of Joly Rancher. Nola was a nice friend to everyone.The first day of her arrival, she made friends with everyone in Candyland. One day, Ponelipe saw Nola hanging out with her friends. Ponelipe was shocked. She couldn’t try to steal them back. She tried thinking and thinking and thinking of a way to impress them, then boom, she thought of the most amazing idea. She would make the most greatest dinner. A surprise dinner for them. First, she made Chicken Cranberry Pie. You got to have some sweetness in these pies. Then, she made Sweet Double Cheese Cake. Next, Ponelipe made for dinner Holly Jolly Cupcakes. Last, she made their favorite dessert, Sweet Candy Corn Ice Cream.”They would be so grateful when they saw I made that for desert.”

When she brought all of the food for dinner, she saw Nola making Sweet Candy Corn Ice Cream. When her friends asked if she could join, they the desert too. She burst into tears and dashed out of the house to her candy house. Her pet, Gingy, saw her crying in the living room. Gingy is a pet gingerbread dog. Ponelipe looked at her picture and thought of their best times together.

Now she was sobbing. They asked Nola if they could bring some of the desert with them togo. They dashed out of the house without saying goodbye to Nola. They ran as fast as they could to Ponelipe’s house and opened the door. Candelo and Cotteny saw her sobbing and both said, “Sorry for going and hanging out with Nola. Forgive us?” Ponelipe said,”Yes, but you guys have to tell Nola she can’t hang out or do anything with you anymore but you guys could still be friends. They said, "ok.” Candelo and Cotteny told Nola they can’t hang out with her but they could still be friends and say hi sometimes.She was sad. Soon, Nola hung out with other friends. We were all happy in the end of troublesome. They wound up to be good friends altogether!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Blogger of the Week: Sean

Hi!  My name is Sean.  I’m turning 9 next week!  I have a sister named Shaynne and I love her so much.
Sean and Shaynne
During the Fall Festival, I won a fish from the Pumpkin bowling and I named it Finn.
Sean and Finn
My favorite video games are Minecraft and Super Smash Bros, Brawl. I enjoy playing Minecraft because you can build anything you want to build.  I also like the Super Smash Bros, Brawl because it is not like a normal fighting game. You have to knock the players out of the stage.

I joined a youth soccer tournament this year. It was my first time playing soccer and had so much fun. I can’t wait to play again next soccer season. 

I have a collection of Sonic toys and Skylander figures. During my free time, I draw different Sonic characters. My favorite characters are Sonic, Tails, Shadow and Silver. Sometimes, I go to YouTube to learn how to draw the other Sonic characters.
 I hope you had fun reading my blog.  :)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

House 3689: Narrative Writing

House 3689
By: Ava R.

It was Halloween. Everyone was dressed. A boy named Tommy  always loved to pull pranks on his sister April and his brother Mike.

Until they went trick or treating and Tommy had to take April and Mike. April was 11 and Mike was 7. April and Mike got lots of candy.
When they got to the next house they knocked no one answered. They knocked again no one answered but the door opened with a creak by itself. Tommy said “ Let’s go in.” April didn’t mind but Mike was a little scared but he went inside.

When they went inside there were no lights. Luckily April had her phone. When they started to walk they heard a voice that shouted like an old lady “ Get out of my house, get out of my house”. Once they heard that noise they ran to the closet. When they were in the closet they saw a doll that kept saying “I want to hurt you, I want to hurt you.”

They all screamed until their voice came out and ran out of the closet. When they were running they stopped to see if there were any other scary stuff. Suddenly a big hairy black window popped out from the ceiling and grabbed Mike.
April yelled “ Mike don’t go!”

Tommy grabbed April and dashed to the kitchen. When they were  in the kitchen 2 chairs pulled up so Tommy and April would have a seat and a skeleton came out of nowhere and tied them up with a rope.

The skelton did a little show. April kept making bad comments so the skeleton grabbed April’s chair and pulled her to the dark with her. Then Tommy ran all the way upstairs. When he got into a room he locked the door so no one would come in. Out of nowhere a ghost came and tried to grab Tommy. When the ghost was getting Tommy Tommy yelled “HELP! HELP! After 3 yells of help the lights came on  and April and Mike came out to say “ We pranked you!” Tommy was so shocked. April and Mike told Tommy how they did all that stuff. Now how will you prank your family? I hope you don’t have nightmares!

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Journey of a Puma: Narrative Writing

The Journey
of a
By:Audrey R.
Chapter 1  
Once, walking through the jungle was a puma.It was being hunted down by a band of cheetahs. The puma climbed up the tallest tree. Then a cheetah made a strike at the puma’s tail. It growled at the cheetah and ran up the rest of the tree. When the puma reached the top it decided to take a rest.  It’s name was Cheopin. He feasted on rats he’d brought back. But Cheopin knew the cheetahs were after him. He took his rats and left.

Cheopin’s head popped out of the leaves of the tree. He jumped accurately from tree to tree. The smallest tree was approaching, but Cheopin wasn’t ready for the jump. He fell down until he grabbed the lowest branch.It was ten feet off the ground. Cheopin should have been safe from the cheetahs, but he wasn’t. He wasn’t safe from any other wild cat.

All of a sudden, a whole lot of cheetahs surrounded Cheopin! He tried climbing a tree, but it was too slippery. Cheopin slid off the branch he was on, but he grabbed the branch. He secretly swiped at one of the cheetahs paws. The cheetah fell on another. It was like dominoes. Then the cheetahs fell of the tree.

Chapter 2
Cheopin ran away out of the jungles. It was about 150 miles of running. But Cheopin didn’t stop, even for food or a drink. It was quite tiring. When he reached the end of the jungle, he saw a nice patch of grass under a bush to rest in. So Cheopin used the last of his energy to run over to the patch of grass. He stayed awake to watch for cheetahs. As the minutes passed, Chepin fell asleep. It was a long time until Cheopin woke up.
When he awoke, he found himself in a large box with a pool of hot water. Cheopin stepped in the water. It made the water murky. There were also a couple packets of raw hamburger meat. In the right corner of the cage was a bowl of icy water. Cheopin took a drink right away. It dripped down his chin as the cold spread though his body. It was the coolest water Cheopin had ever drunk. He went over to sleep, but something unusual happenned. There seemed to be an earthquake inside the cage. The shake ended in a crash. Cheopin was let out to see a new world.

Chapter 3
Cheopin ran away quickly but soon hit a fence. Every exit seemed to be blocked by a fence. Cheopin thought he was trapped in a forcefield of fences! But there was a hill that was tall enough to escape. Cheopin was climbing for about a mile until he made a leap over the fence. Shock! Cheopin jumped back because he got shocked by the fence. He howled loud. It echoed through the zoo. Everyone ran out of the zoo because of the howl. Meanwhile, Cheopin found a wide crack in the fence. He slipped through and made a run for it. Cheopin crept behind a tree until the course was clear. When it was, Cheopin ran as fast as he could. But then, he spotted a fallen ice cream cone out of the corner of his eye. Cheopin started eating the cone.

Chapter 4
While Cheopin was eating, that gave a woman enough time to call the animal control. Cheopin saw the animal control truck pull in. The people came right out, Cheopin growled furiously. He tore right through the cheif’s shoe. His foot was injured, so the co-chief took him into the truck. “We need more A.C.!” said the old chief. “Yes, I’ll call more people.” said the co-chief. “No!” said the chief, “Air conditioner! I meant more air conditioner!” “Oh,” muttered the co-chief. “I thought A.C. was short for Animal Control.” Cheopin scratched and injured everyone in the animal control, but another man came out. It was time for Cheopin to really fight. He bit the man’s leg. The man put a rope around Cheopin’s mouth. He growled and scratched the man’s face. The man tried luring Cheopin in a cage, but he just scratched the man’s shoe off. Cheopin tore off the rope and bit the man. Cheopin roared and ran into a forest bear by. The man ran into the truck and drove away.

Chapter 5
Cheopin decided to go back to the jungle. He ran the many miles and drank water. He found his tree and ate rats. But once again he saw the cheetahs and won the fight. Everything was the same except…

Chapter 6
There were baby pumas in Cheopin’s house. Cheopin tried to get them to leave, but nothing worked.

Chapter 6 ½
A lot of growling is involved.

Chapter 7
Cheopin ended up catching extra food and giving a lot rides on his back to the lake. But one day the mother of the baby pumas came and took them to their home. Cheopin eventually found a friend. His name was Ivan. They spent every day together. Time passed and Cheopin turned 12 in cat years ( 15 in human years). Ivan moved to another jungle. In two more cat years, Cheopin was 14 ( 17 human years). He eventually was the only one in the jungle.

Chapter 8
Cheopin went to the lake and drank some water. The rats scurried past until Cheopin was hungry. He ate some rats and mice, and then left. He became famous among the zoo, the cheetahs, and the remaining pumas. And with the pumas he was called a hero.

Chapter 9
All was well in the forest. So were the deers, the foxes, and birds. The birds were great. But about a month after Cheopin got to the forest, everyone left. He was once again left behind. He lived in a tree with a hawk, but the hawk left. Cheopin went home. The silence was broken by something unusual: the footsteps of another.

Chapter 10
Cheopin poked his head through an opening in the tree. He was surprised to see a familiar face looking up at him. It was Ivan! Cheopin ran down to see him. But behind Ivan was a small cheetah quivering with fear. It looked about 3 years old in cat years (5 in human years). It was smaller than a window. The cheetah was about 2 feet wide and 2 feet tall. His name was Nicholas.

Chapter 11
This cheetah was no ordinary cheetah. Nicholas could talk. He talked to Ivan all the time. Ivan could understand. So all Nicholas did was talk. But Cheopin hadn’t heard this before. He’d be scared to death if he did. Literally. Cheopin talked (with sounds) to Ivan all day. Finally, it was night. They ate rats for dinner by the lake. Nicholas looked around and saw 10 robins eating grass. Deer joined. The 3 jungle animals weren’t alone. The hawk and birds came back to stay there. Everyone stayed. The eagle, named Kale, came to visit his old house. The 3 wild cats saw so many animals that they’d never seen before. New ones scientists hadn’t discovered. Cheopin looked down and saw more fish. He saw the 3 baby pumas. Ivan, Cheopin, and Nicholas ate some fish. The all fell asleep on a deer that didn’t like being slept on.

It’s morning! The wild cats woke up. “Good morning!” said Nicholas. Chopin was so scared that he fell into a river and floated away. “Eh,” said Ivan. “Want some coffee?”