Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blogger of the week: Carissa

My name is Carissa. I just turned 8 years old last week.  I have 3 brothers Mitchell, Isaiah and Mathew.  They are all older than me.

My favorite sport to play is soccer.  I like soccer because you get to score goals and have fun!

My favorite game to play is Minecraft.  I like building things and the cool adventures you go on.
My Party was last week and we went to Johns Incredible Pizza with my friends and family.


I hope you liked my blog.  Thanks for reading about me.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blogger of the Week: Lizzy

My name is Lizzy. I love camping with Girl Scouts. My favorite thing camping is SMORES!! I’m almost 8 years old and I was born in Sacramento CA. My birthday is coming up on October 7, 2014!

One of my favorite games to play on my tablet is Clash of Clans. I’m a level 48 village right now. My whole family plays Clash of Clans. The leaders and co leaders are my Dad, Jared, and Anissa. They are all Level 100 and above! We had a Clash of Clans party this past weekend.

My favorite movies are Maleficent, the Little Princes, and The City of Ember. Maleficent is my favorite movie because I love the part when she flies really fast in the clouds.

My favorite food is pizza. I love pizza because it’s so cheesy. My favorite place to eat pizza at is John’s Incredible Pizza.
Some of the things I love to do are making bracelets, headbands, and necklaces. I like to share them with my family and friends.
Katy Perry is my favorite Pop Super Star. One of my favorite songs is Dark Horse. 

This is me when I was a newborn baby I’m with Anissa and my sister KATIE.

I hope you learned a lot about me in my Blog. I love reading about you guys!

Friday, October 3, 2014

October 3rd Academic Update

How is it already October!? I have no idea where the time has gone. Here are some updates about what we've been up to in 3rd grade. Parents, ask your kiddo about what we're learning in class and have them tell you about the posters in the pictures below.

Science/Social Studies:
In social studies, we read folktales about the Native Americans. -Brody
We finished our folktale poster. -Calvin
We started our Biome Unit. -Showmen
We are learning about the ocean. -Kaleb
We made a new poster about the Ocean Zones. -Lizzy
The four layers of the ocean are Epipelagic Zone, Mesopelagic Zone, Bathypelagic, and the Abyssal Zone. -Keara
We are reading ocean books. -Sean
Next week we will start the Ocean Biome project. -Meghana
Here are the signal words the signal words we have learned for this unit so far! Practice using the signal words at home! -Ms. Steinlein

Aquatic Biome 
Epipelagic Zone 

We started reading scholastic news. -Brett
We finished reading Geronimo Stilton: The Mummy with No Name. -James

We started reading the book The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. -Chase

We started learning about schema. -Justin

All of us got a new folder for our published work. -Ava 
This week we learned new letters in cursive: e, l, i, and d. -Deonta 
Yesterday, we read about turtles in the scholastic news. -Roman 
We got some new books for the library. -Ava

We started weaving in art. -Audrey
In crossfit, we are learning t-drills. -Ava

This week, we all learned how to regroup when adding three-digit numbers. -Emma

We have a monster door! -Natalie
Thank you so much Mrs. Meunreu and Mrs. Bastasa!
On Tuesday, we learned how to treat guest teachers and teachers the way they want to be treated. -Britney
The class missed out on Spanish this week. -James
We had the Jog-a-thon. -Dominic
We got Halloween pencils. -Sean
Today we are going to do art with the little buddies. -Ava
We did an art project with our buddies based on the book, The Creepy Carrots. -Ms. Steinlein

Last but not least, check out how cute we are!

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