Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Classroom Updates!

I wanted to share some quick classroom updates! 

I basically have my writing area completed! 

With the help of Miss Kortuem, I now have the coolest hanging tissue fluff balls hanging from the ceiling. They make me so happy! Hopefully the kiddos feel the same! 
We also spent a great deal amount of time organizing the books in my library! We put labels on the baskets and sorted all the books. 

I also got to put up the job chart I am super proud of! 
(I wish this was a better picture) 

Next on my classroom to do list: making milk crate stools with my mom! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Projects

Walking into my first very own classroom was the best feeling ever! It also made me realize that I had SO much work to do before it was ready for students. I am so thankful I have amazing teacher friends to help me figure out how to decorate my classroom! Those empty four walls can be so overwhelming. There is so much sorting, organizing, and moving of furniture to do.

Here is my (in progress) library! 

This is going to be the writing table!

I am still organizing my desk area.

I have also spent some of these excessively HOT summer days in the air conditioning doing some classroom crafts. I have been hot gluing, laminating, painting, and coloring more than ever. 

Here is my No Name sign inspired by the AMAZINGLY crafty Mrs. Torres

The magazine boxes I painted with Miss. Kortuem! We are having so much fun with these classroom crafts. Also Washi tape is my new favorite item. 

I just cannot wait to put everything in the classroom and until it is filled with my amazing 26 students. I cannot wait to see everyone on July 31st at the 3rd Grade Lemonade Social! 

Lastly, YAY for my first blog post ever!